The Loft Partners is 100% Organic, non GMO, chock full of Chia, Kale & Integrity.

We are both over-sharers which is great for you as a client because you will always know where we stand.  Our mission is simple.  We are motivated to make your business excel with the help of social media.  

Once Upon A Time...

One day while sitting in the loft of Tracey's house, Anna and Tracey made the decision to pool their talents and give this a go.  They created The Loft Partners and agreed that it would be: Ego-free, results-driven and most importantly full of integrity.  

Ego-Free: I'm sure you've come across egomaniacs in your daily life, both business and personal life.  Those folks don't work here!  The Loft Partners only wants to work with you if you want to work with us. We are exactly what our name says, YOUR Partners! All questions are good questions and you're not foolish for asking.  We know that social media can be difficult and we are here to make it easier for you!

Results-Driven:  We will help you reach your goals!  With our partnership, the adventure of achieving your goal will be easy breezy.  If it's not, then it isn't meant to be and our feelings won't be hurt.  We will consult with you and your competitors before suggesting a direction for your business.  We go with the best one for your particular business, not the one that is best for our agenda.  We ultimately and unconditionally strive to make you and your business successful.

Integrity:  We had to mention this because it is the heart of who we are as human beings.  We tell the truth, even if it hurts, because you need to hear it.   We've personally encountered lots of people who lack this quality.  We want you to be happy and satisfied with the work we do.  We do not enter into contracts.  I know that's coo-coo, but it's because we believe in our abilities so strongly that we don't need you to sign a piece of paper that legally forces you to pay us.  We want you to partner with us because of the results.  Referrals totally don't suck either :)